OPdesigns is the solution for companies that are discouraged by the quality of mass production that is commonly found on crowdsourcing platforms. My goal is to provide you with the personalized, high-quality workmanship that your project deserves, but without the price hurdles of major design agencies that require a lot of effort.

The Logo Design Process

The typical phases in a logo design project …

Consultation & Briefing

Fill out a short design brief, with 6 questions, telling me about your business, your unique position in the market and your ideal customer. Then we can discuss the details of your project further.

Market & Competitive Analysis

The first step is to gather information about your industry and competitors so that I can get a feel for what we can do to not only highlight you, but also to appeal to the tastes of your ideal customer.

First mock-ups

Here the rubber meets the road. At this stage, I start the design exploration process and put my experience into developing a variety of design ideas. I can consider your ideas and wishes (if any), and I will also propose some of my own ideas.


After working through some of the first mock-ups, we narrow down the selection, give mutual feedback, make necessary changes, and work to develop a single, refined, perfected design that you think is best suited to your business to represent.


Once the design is done and your new logo has been set, it’s time to create all the necessary files and variations, including editable source vectors, monochrome alternatives, and any format you may need for a logo. If you do not know what this is all about, do not worry. You will receive a detailed explanation.

Final Products

All finalized files are bundled and sent together with the usage release and a manual of all formats and their best use. I am always at your disposal if you have questions about your logo or problems with it.